Steve L. Kanetzky

Steve L. Kanetzky is the President of SKE, a MEP consulting engineering firm that he founded 25 years ago in 1996. In addition to his managerial responsibilities as President of SKE, he continues in the role of Senior Electrical Engineer and Project Manager. 

For the past 25 years, SKE has been providing electrical engineering services for the water and wastewater treatment plant industry throughout the state of Texas. SKE has completed several thousand plant designs from small to medium capacity, including renovations to existing operations and greenfield sites. The key to our success is the leadership of Mr. Steve L. Kanetzky, Owner and President of S Kantezky Engineering. Mr Kanetzky's 40+ year career includes being licensed by the State of Texas as a Master Electrician, Electrical Contractor, and Electrical Engineer. Mr Kanetzky is also highly respected in the contracting community. With this unique resume brings a higher level of design standards and constructability. 

Thomas E. Vaughan

Thomas E. Vaughan has  years of experience as an electrical engineer specializing in power distribution and emergency backup power design focused in the water/wastewater industry. He regularly performs detailed analysis of electrical systems using SKM Power Tools: Electrical Engineering Software, including rigorous load flow and voltage drop calculations, traditional fault analysis, and demand and design load analysis. He has extensive experience designing emergency backup power systems, selecting generators using sizing software from the major manufacturers and implementing his knowledge. He has worked as a consulting engineer, designing control systems, SCADA Systems, instrumentation and power distribution for water, wastewater, and industrial processes

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