Educational Facilities


S. Kanetzky Engineering has had the good fortune to work on a number of educational facilities including:

Austin ISD – Lamar Middle School HVAC Renovations
Location: Austin, Texas

Project Description: The project consisted of HVAC renovations and replacing the power systems that fed them.  SKE was the Prime Consulting Engineer and Construction Manager for this project.
Under design is the replacement of single zone rooftop units with new energy efficient packaged rooftop units for the Small Gym, Girls Locker Room, Boys Locker Room, and corridors around the Large Gym. SKE is also repairing/refurbishing 2 existing cooling towers.


  • Replace 2 existing chillers with 2 new chillers.

  • Replace 3 chilled water pumps with 3 new chilled water pumps with VFDs.

  • Replace 3 boilers and distribution pumps with 3 new boilers and distribution pumps.

  • Remove hydronic heating units and split systems with new energy efficient packaged rooftop units.

  • Provide new Tridium DDC controls for new equipment and connect other new HVAC equipment to existing Tridium DDC control system.

  • Provide gas to new gas fired rooftop units.

  • Provide power to all new HVAC equipment.


​Austin ISD – Oak Springs Elementary School HVAC Renovations

Austin ISD – Barrington & Walnut Creek Elementary School HVAC Renovations
Location: Austin, Texas

Project Description: Replaced existing transformer, circuit breaker, and outdated switchboard with new 300kVA transformer and a new 800A I-Line panelboard. 
​In Walnut Creek, SKE replaced outdated HVAC systems with new energy efficient packaged rooftop equipment.  
We disconnected and replaced existing 600A disconnect switches feeding interior switchboards, replaced panelboards feeding existing mechanical equipment, and replaced existing lighting in “stage area” as well as various electrical rooms throughout the school.


Presidio ISD – Energy Conservation Upgrades
Location: Presidio, Texas

Project Description​: Renovated of an existing 100,000 SF High School in 11 weeks.  

  • Replaced existing HVAC system with new energy efficient equipment. 

  • Installed new DDC control system to schedule and control new equipment.

  • Replaced existing lighting with high efficient light fixtures with occupancy sensors.

  • Installed R-30 foam insulation to roof and walls. 

  • Installed new solar water heaters at High school and Middle school, and a 75 kWdc photo voltaic system at the High school.

Presidio ISD – Middle School 
Location: Presidio, Texas
Project Description: Installed a new 600 kW diesel standby generator, a new 50 kW wind turbine, and new HVAC in the gym and weight rooms. Also designed the middle school parking lot lighting.

Presidio ISD – Elementary School Kitchen Expansion
Location: Presidio, Texas
Project Description: Install power distribution system, lighting, solar thermal water heating system.

University of Texas Marine Science Institute
Location: Port Aransas, Texas
Project Description: Survey power distribution and grounding systems and
provide designs for corrective actions in order to comply with code and

safety requirements.

Location: Austin, Texas

​Project Description: The project included the renovation of an existing 21,600 SF Elementary School.  

  • ​Replaced existing HVAC systems with new energy efficient equipment.

  • ​Replaced sanitary sewer lines, grease trap and upgraded electrical motor control center.

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